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- flavors -

plain ole' vanilla 
{vanilla cinnamon cookie with vanilla royal icing}

the dark flour
{chocolate espresso cookie with vanilla royal icing}

pumpkin spice
{pumpkin spice cookie with almond royal icing}

{vanilla cinnamon *with rainbow sprinkles* cookie with vanilla royal icing}

{vanilla cardamom cookie with rose infused royal icing}
*additional $2/dozen

lemon lavender
{lemon lavender cookie with lavender infused royal icing}
*additional $2/dozen


the basics

1-3 basic shapes, 3 colors max, up to 3 different designs, simple and minimal. 

$55 per dozen

the details

1-5 shapes, 5 colors max, up to 5 different designs, can include simple logos, metallic accents, lettering, simple florals. 

$65 per dozen

the oh la la's

1-10 shapes, 10 colors max, up to 8 different designs, custom shapes and designs, hand cut custom cookie shapes, metallics, character cookies, intricate logos, elaborate text.

$75 per dozen

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